Communication on Commitment to alleviate the effects of the Corona virus crisis

Published: 2020.03.08.

Communication on Commitment to alleviate the effects of the Corona virus crisis

As is known, the current Corona virus epidemic is causing extreme economic damage to the event industry. In times of crisis, cooperation and mutual assistance can help to overcome and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. In this spirit, our company offers free of charge iT infrastructure capacity to MARESZ and UNICEO members in the following cases:

  • In case of cancellation of planned event due to the Corona Virus, but it is still partially feasible with online services from our portfolio - minimising the damage caused by the client's cancellation
  • Virus related home-office / working from quarantine - supporting the members being able to continue working throughout the outbreak

Services offered

  • Online interactive web conferencing service
  • Webcasting, one-way event broadcasting combining with our web conferencing service
  • Our online collaboration solutions, cloud storage, file sharing, shared file editing and online teamwork support
  • IP telephony, encrypted IP telephony and teleconferencing solution
  • Bulk e-mailing sending

Conditions of use:

  • MARESZ or UNICEO membership
  • Services will be provided to applicants on a „first come first serve” basis on request received to with the subject "CORONA"
  • Services can be applyed for a maximum period of 3 months or prior to the official notification, which will end the epidemic risk
  • Free service up until the maximum available capacity of our infrastructure
  • Free of charge applies only to our online services and the available infrastructure capacity.

We hope that our offer will contribute to alleviating the damages caused by the virus.

For further information please call our Budapest office (+36 1 468 3073) or send an email to

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