LED poster rental service

High resolution LED poster display for promotions and information
LED poster rental service


Resolution: 384 × 1080 pixel

Pixel pitch: 1.5625 mm

Pixel category: P1.5

Dimensions: 613 × 1695.5 × 68.1 mm

Brightness: 600 cd/nm

Contrast ratio: >3000:1

High resulution, indoor LED poster. On wheel, easy to move modular LED poster display with fascinating picture quality which is able to operate as a regular LED wall as well.

As an informational display or just as part of a full size LED wall this LED poster system is ideal choice for serving smaller event's projection and information kiosk purposes or even could be a quality accessory of an exhibition stand as well. 

Every LED poster is equipped with built in media player but operation from external source is also available.