A fully customisable integrated virtual and hybrid event platform, which combines our video conferencing, web streaming, event registration platform and conference application, giving participants a near real event experience. Using our solution you can plan beyond a simple web meeting, and map even a real multi-room virtual event with plenary and breakout sessions enjoying all of those interactivity features which is available at a real event. Moreover you can make a virtual tour among the exhibition stands as well.

If you don’t possess the proper technology at home, don’t worry, our service comprises the delivery of the necessary high quality equipments.

We provide comprehensive technical support during the preparation period and during the event as well.

We provide our service on our on-premise server environment, granting a safe and secure system, choosing us you can be sure that no any 3rd party provider will be involved. 

Connected services:
- Branding the platform according to the client’s guideline
- Sending out invitations
- Comprehensive online registration management
- Secure, authenticated access
- Payment gateway integration
- Preparing and training the speakers in advance
- Presentation / Slide management
- Rehearsal service and presentation recording in advance
- Show running and technical support
- Preliminary and on-time helpdesk for the participants
- e-poster library
- Conference recording
- Equipment rental and internet service

- Virtual stage and  preparation room
- Built in control screen
- Virtual round table discussion
- Role based webinar mode
- Spectacular broadcast quality video streaming 
- Virtual break out rooms with simultaneous live cam feed up to 36 PAX
- Virtual exhibition area
- Complex event interactivity
- Profile based system with privacy control
- Agenda with live! feature 
- Listing attendees and speakers 
- Q&A with 2 level moderation
- Live polling and quiz
- Lottery
- Regular and special surveys with spectacular visualisation
- Note taking
- Presentation sharing for the presenter with built in timer
- Presentation tracking for the participants
- Virtual poster section
- Parallel room handling
- Booking breakout rooms and personal web meetings
- Multi language surface and content
- Networking, virtual contact exchange
- Gamification and audience engagement
- Reports and analytics
- Common message board with moderation
- Sponsor and exhibitor area

Our services can be requested as a temporary or occasional solution, no long-term subscription required. 

Request free demo here or ask for a detailed downloadable presentation at our customer service.