Occasional and temporary leased line internet service

Occasional, event temporary internet service, countrywide, on short deadline, with comprehensive organising, providing the background infrastructure, on-site supplementary services, local area (LAN) and wireless network (WiFi) installation, appliances, operating and technical supervision.
Occasional and temporary leased line internet service


Connection type: Leased line

Contract period: 1 day to 6 months

With our occasional and temporary leased line internet service, you can get professional internet access for short periods of time - even for a few days or for a project only - without any loyalty period, with full technical management and on-site operation. Based on the address of the location, we will define the optimal solution to meet the objectives set, which will be implemented at short notice, with all the necessary iT equipment and infrastructure, as well as on-site technical or remote supervision. After the event or project, dismantle also belongs to our service, relieving you of all the related organisational and operation tasks.