Satellite internet service, StarLink rental - Continental usage

Occasional, event temporary internet service, countrywide, on short deadline, with comprehensive organising, providing the background infrastructure, on-site supplementary services, local area (LAN) and wireless network (WiFi) installation, appliances, operating and technical supervision.
Satellite internet service, StarLink rental - Continental usage


Region: Continental

Satellite internet service by rent StarLink devices for:

  • Events,
  • construction works,
  • research projects,
  • field works to be done far from installed communication infrastructure
  • rescue incidents iT support
  • bypassing service outage
  • complement outdoor leisure activities

By using the latest technology StarLink satellite internet service, available even for 1 day rental.

Using the high-tech StarLink satellite internet device designed for continental usage you can enjoy broadband internet connection anywhere on the continent when the receiver is not in moving.