Comprehensive, fully customisable, interactive conference application, mobile application. Our own developed conference application, event mobile application is available as a native downloadable application or it can be run even using a browser.

Available usage modes:
- Online, running in the cloud
- Offline, running on a local server - ideal for the cases when the Venue doesn't possesss proper internet connection or in cases when the importance of the content security is crucial. Depending on the Venue's circumstance, temporary WiFi network setup might be necessary. 

- Multilingual user interface and content
- Managing parallel rooms, workshops, room selector
- Fully customisable and designable user inteface
- Welcome screen - Splash screen
- Event agenda, personal agenda with Live Now feature
- Speakers, rooms, presentation, surveys linked to the agenda
- Q&A with even 3 level moderation
- Moderation device, show-runner device, speaker view, stage iPad
- Survey - radio button, multichoice checkboxes, rate and free word options
- Interactive voting based on several different logics - embending pictures, result screen with multiple logics, comparing votes' results
- Interactive quiz  - based on several different logics, pictures and videos are available - scoring, results even by question groups, summary score board, customisable top list
- Wordcloud
- Notes with e-mail sending
- Speakers profile - picture, CV, linked presentation and agenda event
- Documents and presentation library 
- Presentation following, remote controlled slide advancing according to the presentation on the stage
- user profile,  picture, personal data and controllable visibility for another participants, language select
- Virtual badge
- Networking - virtual business card exchange
- Sponsor surface
- Pop up messages and advertising options
- Push notifications
- Integrated webconference and online streaming
- Integrated tailor made gamification
- Integration possibility of event registration and access control systems 
- Integration possibility of our visitor tracking solutions 

Supported platforms:
- iOS
- Android
- MacOS, Windows 10
- desktop and mobile browsers