Multipoint group video conferencing, web conferencing and webmeeting

Our webconference solutions provide you with several forms of the online presentation and webmeeting. Group webmeeting, webinar, virtual round table-discussion combined with streaming and conference application.
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Multipoint group video conferencing, web conferencing and webmeeting


Type: multipoint group conference

Streaming option: Yes

Interactive conference application integration: Yes

4K quality multipoint, group video conferencing, web conferencing with webmeeting connections of up to 36 simultaneous participants with video and audio and online teamwork support:

  • screen sharing
  • application view sharing
  • presentation sharing
  • remote PC control
  • chat
  • web conferencing recording for delayed publications
  • supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, IOS

Advantages of rentiT web conferencing services:

Our multipoint group video conferencing, web conferencing and webmeetings are powered by our dedicated, self hosted, self maintained servers (running in non-shared environment) for a guaranteed high quality service.

Any rentiT web conference can be linked to our streaming service.

Interactive conference application integration with

Q&A, voting, quiz, questionnaire, agenda, speaker introduction features.

Please read about our Virtual Event Platform by clicking here.

Our services can be requested as a temporary or occasional solution, no long-term subscription required.

Custom-designed in accordance with unique customer requirements, whether integrated into your own website or corporate infrastructure - depending on the rquiremenzs deployment of an on-premise web conferencing system is also possible.