Virtual roundtable talk in 4K quality - web conferencing, a webmeeting combined with a special service where we stream live to thousands of participants who join the discussion via our unique integrated conference application. 

- presentation sharing option 
- 4K quality picture and sound transmission 
- Q&A option with moderation 
- voting, questionnaire, quiz and more interactivity 
- unique login interface, registration-related viewing opportunity 
- supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, IOS 

Advantages of rentiT web conferencing services: 
Our virtual round-table talk broadcast service, web conferencing and webmeetings are powered by our dedicated, self hosted, self maintained servers (running in non-shared environment) for a guaranteed high quality service. 
Any rentiT web conference can be linked to our streaming service. 

Interactive conference application integration with
Q&A, voting, quiz, questionnaire, agenda, speaker introduction features.

Our services can be requested as a temporary or occasional solution, no long-term subscription required. 
Custom-designed in accordance with unique customer requirements, whether integrated into your own website or corporate infrastructure - depending on the requirements deployment of an on-premise web conferencing system is also possible.